Sunday, 29 September 2013

Decision made: it is gonna be an Italian Wedding!

We have decided on Tuscany, Italy!

It was a very tough choice, because we are very aware that people will have to travel varying distances. But it is where we think we will have the wedding we really want, with the people we love.

We haven't narrowed down the location or exact date yet, but it will be in April on either the 22nd, 23rd or 24th.

We hope this narrows the burden on some friends as the Easter weekend is the 19th & 21st, and Anzac day is Friday the 25th. So for those mindful of annual leave balances its 3 days leave for a 10 day holiday.

Etihad has great fares to Milan for $1468 at the moment for those keen to lock in a cheap fare whilst they are on sale: check out thats where we saw some great rates.

Don't fly direct into Florence : it costs much more as it isn't a hub. Milan or Rome are much cheaper, and then you can use the trains to get to Tuscany.

Can't believe we've finally kicked this all off!

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